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Mixed media/ textile/ sculpture

I grew up making things. My father was a builder and my mother made our clothes, furnishings and taught me to knit and sew. My grandmother and great grandmother were great knitters and crocheters. Making is a comfortable thing for me, so I have over the years naturally evolved this thinking and doing from my painting process into my sculpture, textiles and mixed media works. See images below and if the SHOW MORE option becomes available at the bottom of the pages, click it to see more images. I have written about my dress art featured on this page in the publication: Hannigan, S. 2019. From the Parlour to the Forum. In Eds. (S.Pinto, S.Hannigan, B. Walker-Gibbs, E. Charlton. Interdisciplinary Unsettlings of Place and Space. Springer Pub.

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