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Dr Shelley Hannigan: Artist Researcher Educator 

October 2018:

I have been a practicing artist since completing art school in 1989. My passion for art led to me teaching it and my interest in meaning, interpretation and art-health led me to study my masters degree in creative arts therapy, I have now been working in a university teaching and researching for over twelve years and my work focuses on the usefulness of art for design, wellbeing, teaching, learning and research inquiry. My PhD research focused on the intersections and overlaps of visual artistic practice, Identity and Place. My expertise from this interdisciplinary field is applied in innovative ways to my work in the fields of art, education and research. I have published in numerous academic peer reviewed journals and am co-editing my first book Unsettling Place and Space: Interdisciplinary Conversations which will be published with Springer in early 2019

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